just set up the chairs

Setting up chairs there is no time to waste

For a party, a great day to taste

Excitement, laughter, it's all on the way

The guys get distracted, here's what they say

Oh no, what have we done?

Monster's on the run

Thought it’s  a toy

Now it brings us joy

To the kids, but not for us

It's terrorizing the park, oh cuss! 

Creature is so big and so strong

Eyes so bright  it doesn't belong

Roaring loud, what is this twist?

The monster is scaring the kids

We gotta do something, it's out of control

We gotta stop this monster, before it takes its toll

The kids, they need us, they're counting on us

We gotta be brave, and show them who's boss

It's terrorizing the park, oh cuss! 

February 21, 2023

Lyrics: GPT-3, Human

Melody: Melody Sauce 2, Human

Vocals: Human, OVox,

Music: LANDR, Human

Mixing: Human

Mastering: LANDR

Imagery: DALL·E, Kaiber, ImageKit

Prompt: the guys get distracted while setting up chairs for a kids birthday party and unleash a monster that terrorizes the entire park