death punchies


Shadows where he walks

Silent and swift

power that he stalks

He's the myth that you wish


Once a man so weak

Now he is feared

With his fists he speaks

Talking loud

Crowds are cleared

Broken mirrors  

Eyes are teared


Death Punchies

martial arts and prowess bold

He's the storm

and the weak are overthrown

Iron fists

And a heart that is so cold

Now he reigns

Death Punchies for every foe


Every day he's there

He rules the park

When he punches fair

He's in charge he’s the star


Parked upon his throne

No one defies

With his art it shows

In the dark

In the night

They comply

Or they die

December 15, 2023

Lyrics: ChatGPT4, Human

Melody: Melodya, Human

Vocals: Human, VocalSynth2

Music: LANDR, Human, Neural DSP

Mixing: Human

Mastering: LANDR

Imagery: ChatGPT4, Runway Gen-2,, Photoshop

Prompt: a guy learns an ultimate martial art and becomes the bully of the park.